A fence or trellis door is the safeguard of your first home or building. However, if the fence without a lock/safety lock will be considered to eliminate the security aspects of the house itself. Locksmith lock function that greatly affects security is what makes us have to be careful and observant in choosing a padlock, especially when you are not in the house or out of town. Today there are many brands and types of locks on the market, before buying recognition and understanding the functions of each type of padlock so that the security of your home or shop can be guaranteed. If thieves have a long enough time to open the lock, they usually use a saw. For example when there are no people in a long time. This sawing attack can be prevented by providing protection on closed shackle such as preventing crowbar. Or it could be by giving special treatment to shackle so that it becomes strong and difficult / can not be saved.

As in the film we often see, the hammer is struck in the padlock firmly and the padlock will open down. This method is usually used if the usual padlock model with a downward opening, like a padlock in figure 4 and 5. This method utilizes a locking system in a padlock that is easily damaged. This method certainly cannot be used if the inside of the padlock lock system is strong enough. Therefore choosing a lock from a good brand is a valuable investment, because the usual brand padlock only pays attention to the outside that looks muscular and good, while the inside of the lock system is easily damaged by hammer blows only. To avoid this hammerhead attack you can also choose a padlock with openings that are not downward. but can be sideways or rotate. Chain scissors. also called the bolt cutter in English. In addition to cutting the chain, this tool is used by thieves to cut the lock on the shackle.