Mild damage to the floor of the house often makes residents feel annoyed, this annoyance can arise because residents feel the appearance of the floor of the house to be bad with the appearance of the damage. The other thing is annoying again when the house occupants have to hire a handyman to repair the damage, especially if the worker submits a high enough cost, only for repairs that are quite small and simple, it is time for the occupants to start taking a small and simple one. home began to take part in the role of lifeproof flooring to overcome the floor that happened inside the house.

Steps to be taken are ceramics disassembled so that the ceramics can be lifted, after removing the remaining ceramics using a hammer or cement spoon approximately 3mm deep, the next step is to create a new space by spreading the cement evenly on the location to be fitted with ceramic using a spoon easy groove shape to better flatten the mortar if ceramic has been installed on the mixture that has been sown by using a serrated spoon.

If the ceramic grout falls out so that the appearance of the ceramic becomes ugly, then it is necessary to do repairs with the old ceramic grout using a trowel then apply the cement mixture that has been mixed with water according to the composition on the label packaging using foam or cloth, after applying wait 5-10 minutes until the cement from the cement dries and after drying, clean the dirty surface of the floor due to the cement mixture. The floor is collapsed often found but does not need a problem to deal with it steps that must be done is to lift the ceramic that goes down. After succeeding, the floor is lifted and compacted by pounding or adding grated stone so that the surface is flat. Then ensure that it is completely solid and can be sprinkled with sand evenly to a thickness of about 10 cm and flush the sand until it is solid. Install ceramics neatly using a mixture of cement and sand in a ratio of 1: 2.