Ayahuasca healings dba started popping up in the US. This is an effort to legalize ayahuasca because the treatment is considered to be able to reduce the level of mental health disorders which lately are easy to attack many people. Many studies suggest that the more advanced technology is, the more susceptible people are to stress to depression. Even though stress and depression are triggers of mental health disorders. Mental and physical illnesses are not the same. Usually, someone who has a mental disorder will look fine physically, but not psychologically. Unfortunately, not many people know how to treat people with mental disorders correctly. This treatment makes people with mental disorders, even those who are at a mild stage, do not dare to open themselves to those around them. Because usually they will be shunned and avoid if asked for help.

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Maybe some of us have mental disorders. Maybe close friends, neighbors, or family. In order not to mistreat the sufferers of mental disorders, we provide simple tips:

– Watch Your Speech
When dealing with someone who has a mental disorder, maybe you will feel confused about how to respond to each of their sayings and actions. Whatever they say and do, try not to be quiet because silence is not the best choice to treat them.

– Give Them More Affection.
Give them love and support so that they always feel safe and not alone in struggling. This is what ultimately can help their recovery process go faster.

– Do not lie
You may have assumed that someone who has a mental disorder is not a smart person. In fact, mental disorders have nothing to do with the level of one’s intelligence. Never lie to them, because it will only make them not trust you.

– Treat Them Just Like People In General.
Treat them as treat normal people. Don’t make a dividing wall with them.