Broken bones can be caused by various things including the accident. Usually, people who have broken bones will undergo a long recovery period, depending on their individual conditions. Have you ever imagined how a broken bone can heal and recover? However, the recovery needs to involve the professional like auto accident chiropractor Jacksonville.

In the body, the bones function to support and keep your body firm so that it is able to carry out various activities. When the bone breaks, of course, this will disrupt your activities. When the bone is broken, the body will react in various ways to overcome this. Well, here are the stages when the bone is broken until it is reconnected. Initially, a broken bone will be marked by the appearance of bleeding. Your body will not remain silent when the disorder occurs, such as when a bone breaks. At that time, the body will immediately draw blood from the blood vessels. Your blood will gather around the broken bone. This stage will occur only a few hours after the bone is broken.

Clotting blood serves to keep broken parts of the bone from going anywhere and prevent any foreign substances from entering the broken bone. As a result of blood clotting and gathering around a broken bone, then the body part will look swollen. This condition is called a hematoma. After the blood comes out and clots around the broken bone, the next step is to start the emergence of cells that form new bone tissue.

Bone tissue has indeed begun to form, but it is still very fragile and not as strong as the bone in general. Therefore, at this stage your doctor will usually put a cast on a broken part of the body, to prevent bone mobilization, reduce pain and prevent soft tissue in the joint like a muscle from getting injured.