Often people do not realize that they are depressed. Stress must be cured immediately if you don’t want to get worse. Even the right vacation for ayahuasca retreat can be an effective stress medicine. Stress itself is the tension that arises when there are things that require to be resolved. Stress has its own degree. Some are high and some are low. Stress is divided into two, namely low and high stress. When stress still tends to be low, sufferers do not feel when stress is engulfing. They can still enjoy and finish it with a cool head. The story is different again if stress is high. When your body and mind are difficult to work with, that’s a sign that you are stressed.

If the stress level is high, the person can get disequilibrium or experience a psychological imbalance. Discomfort, anxiety, anxiety, insomnia, concentration and forgetfulness are some indications that you are experiencing high stress. While the biological reaction when you are under a lot of stress, according to Efnie, among others, is anxiety, relapse, too often or too rarely to eat, and an increased pulse. Holidays are needed by everyone, especially those who are stressed. This type of vacation to relieve stress can depend on your nature. For those of you who are introverted or closed, Efnie said, can vacation alone to a lonely place. However, there must be a balance from the holiday. You can spend 2 days in a quiet place and spend the other 2 days in a place that is not too quiet, like a small city. This is useful so as not to surprise you when you return to everyday life that is usually crowded.

If you are extroverted or are open, you can vacation with loved ones or friends who you think are comfortable. Finding a destination full of activities that allow you to meet new people can also be a powerful stress reliever. Free the mind, throw away the problems and let your body and mind free from the pressure of things for a moment.