Gas stoves are one of the important household appliances to be kept clean. Its function is to make used oil splashes, spilled water when cooking, and other impurities not too long to stick and can cause mold and rust. In addition, cleaning the gas stove as a whole needs to be done regularly. This is important to maintain the quality of the fire and the stove does not break quickly. Because, damage to the gas stove will hamper your cooking activities to provide healthy and delicious food for the family. If your stove needs gas, you can search propane tanks near me.

Before starting to clean the gas stove, you need to pay attention to the important things when cleaning the main parts of the following gas stoves:

Remove the gas stove ring first, wash separately and dry it.
Avoid cleaning the stove with water. Use a special kitchen cleaning cream that is applied to the furnace part of the gas stove, then brush or wipe with a cloth.
On the surface of the gas stove, clean using a special cleaning liquid stove that is sprayed then wiped with a cloth.
Close the regulator on the gas cylinder and remove the gas hose on the stove before cleaning.

Generally, the gas stove ring can be directly removed from the furnace, if the ring is attached to the furnace section, read the manual for cleaning or removing it. Once released, soak the ring in a hot water solution, add liquid dish soap or with one tablespoon of citric acid. Soak the ring for 2-4 hours so that stubborn dirt and crust are lifted. Then clean the ring by brushing it using an old toothbrush, then rinse and dry with a cloth rag.

You can use a special kitchen cleaning cream or gas stove. Follow the rules of use on the product packaging, or generally, this cream is simply applied to the furnace. Let stand a few minutes so that the cream works optimally to shed fat and dirt. If there are stubborn crusts or stains, and hard-to-reach parts, brush using an old toothbrush. Finally, rub or wipe the furnace with a sponge or cloth rag. Also clean the base of the stove from the used cooking pulp.