Some people may panic when their car keys cannot be used properly. Sure, there are some people who decide to contact the locksmiths247. So, what’s wrong with your car keys? Is it a bit hard to use? Another cause that keeps your contact key dragging and does not work properly is because the key is bent or deformed. It’s a good idea to check your key if it’s crooked or not. If the key is crooked should immediately fix the key.

To fix the key depends on the damage level. Well, if the key is only crocked then very easy to overcome. Namely by rectifying with tools such as pliers, grips, and hammers. Locksmith is the right professional you can visit when you want to fix the issue or want to get the car lock replaced.

In an emergency, you can even try to solve the problem that occurs in your car keys by utilizing something that can easily be found in the kitchen. Yes, it is cooking oil. Have you ever thought about using the material as an oil substitute? In addition to oil and lubricants, other materials that can be used to overcome the drag contacts that are around us is you can use cooking oil. Cooking oil and lubricants both have slippery properties that can make the ignition work properly.

The way is also quite easy and the same way you just need to include cooking oil into the ignition and do the movement on/off repeatedly until cooking oil flat. Almost this way is completely successful but how to overcome the drag contact key using cooking oil, oil and lubricant usually will only overcome for a while, because when contact exposed to rainwater and the time when the lubricant will disappear slowly and contact can drag again. The best way actually is to spray special liquids such as carbon cleaner and other similar things.